Organics Range

Marriage's organics are free from GM ingredients, synthetic amino acids, artificial yolk colourants, medication, artficial flavourings and solvent extract ingredients.

Marriage's organic feeds are milled in accordance with standards set by the Organic Food Federation. DEFRA appoints registration bodies to ensure that these strict standard are adhered to. We are also members of Organic Farmers and Growers and the Soil Association. All ingredients are traceable and documented and all GMO-Free ingredients are provided with records of authenticity.

Pig Grower Pellets

General purpose diet suitable for all growing and fattening pills kept outdoors in a yard.

Mixed Corn

Cleaned organic mixed corn for supplementing our poultry rations.

Sow Cubes

A high quality ration for dry and lactating sows.

Turkey Starter Crumbs

Feed to five weeks for healthy early growth.

Poultry Starter Crumbs

Feed to six weeks for healthy early growth.

Turkey Grower Pellets

Helps develop frame and weight between 5 and 12 weeks, ready for finisher pellets.

Poultry Growers Pellets

Helps develop frame and weight between 6 and 18 weeks, up to point of lay and can also be used to finish.

Turkey Finisher Pellets

Adds weight to your birds at a late stage and should be used of finishing.

Layers Pellets / Mash

Formulated to help healthy hens lay strong eggs with good colour and consistency.

Rumigan 16/100 Cubes

(16% protein) Quality, multi-purpose ration for ruminants such as cattle, sheep and goats.

Cleaned Feed Wheat

Cleaned organic feed wheat for supplementing our poultry rations.

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