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There are lots of ways to learn about caring for your pets and local wildlife. We hope some the information below is useful for you.

Small Animal Nutrition

Small Animal Nutrition

During our visit to PATS Sandown 2019, Sam Marriage, director of Marriage’s Specialist Foods, presented a seminar on small animal nutrition.

Winter Poultry Feeding Guide

Winter Poultry Feeding Guide

It is important that owners understand the main components of their poultry feed and what key ingredients are included to provide optimum nutrition over the winter months.

Winter Pig Feeding Guide

Winter Pig Feeding Guide

Just as they face problems at the height of summer, pigs will also need particular care in the depths of winter. As always, regular checks are essential, but certain issues can be considered in advance.

Wildbird Ingredients Feeding Guide

Wild Bird Ingredients Feeding Guide

Knowing what birds like to eat can help attract wild birds to your garden. Our downloadable guide contains information on what birds prefer and its benefits, to help you choose the best wild bird feed.

Wild Bird Autumn and Winter Feeding Guide

Wild Bird Autumn / Winter Feeding Guide

Early autumn is filled with natural food for birds and wildlife. However by putting out extra food during this time will help the birds in their preparation for the Autumn Moult, when they renew their features. Our handy guide explains the best products to feed and attract Wild Birds to your garden in the Autumn and Winter Time.

Wild Bird Spring Time Feeding Guide

Wild Bird Springtime Feeding Guide

In any season, providing a variety of different foods for garden birds will attract a wide range of species into your garden. Our handy guide explains the best products to feed and attract Wild Birds to your garden in the Springtime.

PFMA Wild Bird Seasonal Feeding Guide

Wild Bird Seasonal Feeding Guide

Feeding wild birds is fun and rewarding. But this is not only limited to cold winter months as natural shortage of food can happen at any time of the year. By providing the right food and clean fresh water all year round you will help your garden birds survive the times of food shortage whenever they happen..

PFMA Indoor Bird Care Guide

Indoor Bird Care Guide

Birds make wonderful pets and caring for them can be extremely rewarding for the whole family. This downloadable created by PFMA guide has some excellent tips to give your pet indoor birds the best care.

PFMA Bird Size Guide

Bird Size-O-Meter

As a bird owner you should be checking your bird's weight regularly - why not print off our downloadable Bird Size-O-Meter and keep to hand.

PFMA Importance of Hay Factsheet

Importance Of Hay In A Rabbit's Diet

Hay might look boring to humans but for rabbits it's their main dish of the day, with 80-90% of their diet needing to be hay! (and grass is very good too!). Download this handy guide showing how importance it is for your rabbit to have plenty of hay in its diet.

PFMA Rabbit Size Guide

Rabbit Size-O-Meter

Use our Rabbit Size-O-Meter to keep your pet a healthy size.

PFMA Guinea Pig Size Guide

Guinea Pig Size-O-Meter

Use our Rabbit Size-O-Meter to keep your pet a healthy size.


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