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Humphrey Loves Marriage's Linseed Meal...

26 May 2016

We received some feedback from a customer who uses Marriage's Linseed Meal with her horse Humphrey:

Thought I would send you a quick email to thank you for a fab product, I have always found it hard to keep weight on my show hunter as hes quite a stress head and worries jis weight off, I found your linseed meal in our local mole country store on the Isle of Wight and thought I could give it a try after 16 months of being on it I how have a horse who looks fantastic on, and on sunday at our local show he took supreme of show with both judges commenting on how fantastic he looked for 17 ,so once again thank you please take a look at two photos of humphrey 1st pic is Jan 2015 and 2nd pic May 2016.

Many Thanks, Jennifer Attrill

Humphrey Loves Marriage's Linseed Meal
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