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Marriage's Seed Helps Fancier Win Over 800 Awards

19 November 2015

This week Mr John Cressey invited Marriages round to show his collection of winning rosettes from this year, 800 entries all won on Marriage's seed.

It was a fantastic snap shot into the fanciers world, it was great to be able to go in the aviary’s and see the birds in the ‘home’ environment.

John has 90 birds and has been showing for 7 years now and wouldn’t swap from using Marriages ‘ it’s the best out there’ explained John ‘ it is good quality seed and my birds have done fantastic this year while feeding it.’

John uses R&R Country, Hemingbrough to buy his seed.

Marriage's are sponsoring the Humberside Gloster Association Show on 22nd November and Marriage's wish John good luck and fingers crossed for a few more rosettes – if there’s room to show them off!

For details on the show or information about the club details can be found at

John Cressey's impressive Canary Wins

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