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The Sales "A-Team" Descend On PATs Telford....

16 October 2016

Marriages had a successful show at PATS Telford in September. It was the launch pad for the eagerly awaited nutri-bombs.

PATs has always been a great way to launch a new product, Lisa from Marriages explains, "With nutri-bombs, we were able to have fun with the stand by using pink camouflage netting along the ceiling and army ammo boxes with a pink glitter ‘Barbie’ twist. I even managed to get all the boys wearing hot pink tops!"

Here at Marriage's we are not afraid to try something a bit different, rather than just a fat ball we have created an innovative formulation, all the best ingredients packed with extra vitamins and minerals, no fillers just full of the good stuff, for year round health.

Under the Honeyfield’s brand nutri-bombs are also Fair to Nature meaning that we, where, possible buy from Fair to Nature Farmers who give up at least 10% of the farm being managed actively for conservation. The farmers are trained, supported and their farm ecology is audited with a guarantee not just to slow but to reverse biodiversity loss.

Check out the full range of nutri-bombs products over at the Honeyfield's Website.

PATS Show Telford
PATS Show Telford
PATS Show Telford
PATS Show Telford

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