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Marriage’s Secure NOPS Quality Accreditation

6 January 2015

The importance of Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances Accreditation (NOPS) has been raised to new highs following the global PR surrounding the Queen's horse being tested and found positive for morphine back in July this year.

Marriage's Specialist Foods is the latest company to secure their NOPS accreditation. Marriage's are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of bird foods and animal feeds. Marriage’s supplier many horse food manufacturers and brands with course mixes, cleaned dressed ingredients, linseed meal, micronised flakes, and many other cooked and uncooked meals and feeds,

Marriage’s had been working toward NOPS accreditation at their Lincolnshire facility for the last six months, so where delighted to secure their accreditation at their first audit this September.

The NOPS accreditation follows a risk assessment based approach and regularly auditing of suppliers and staff. It looks at sourcing, storage, transport and the manufacturing process to reduce the risk of racing horse and dog foods from including any of the prohibited substances banned by the British Horseracing Authority.

The prohibited substances naturally occur in many raw materials, including caffeine, theobromine from cocoa and morphine from poppies. By having the NOPS accreditation it means that supplier has a managed and control process to help prevent the risk of these substances getting in the supply chain.

NOPS accredited also gives manufactures the opportunity to display the NOPS logo on their product, communicating with customers that they have the accreditation.

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